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MAN Americana


CTA Service Information

Status Retired
Quantity 362
Numbers 4000-4361
Delivery 1985

Bus Specifications

Manufacture MAN
Model Americana
Propulsion Diesel
Engine MAN D2566 MLUH
Transmission Renk-Doromat 874A
Length 40'
Width 102"
Seat Model AMSECO Model 6468
# of Seats 45
Dest. Signs Flip-Dot


Service History

In 1985, the CTA purchased 362 “Americana” buses from Maschinenfabrik-Augsburg-Nurenburg (MAN). The order came after the CTA had recently ordered 145 articulated buses from the same company.

The most notable feature in the 4000-series buses is that they were the first CTA buses to include digital flip-dot destination signs. While the signs were not as visible or reliable as traditional roll signs, they could be easily changed when new or modified routes were introduced.

The 4000-series were originally painted in the same white and light green paint scheme used on the 9800- and 1600-series Flyer buses, but eventually were repainted in the CTA’s white, blue, and red scheme.

The buses were retired in 2004.