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TMC RTS (Narrow)


CTA Service Information

Status Retired
Quantity 15
Numbers 4900-4914
Delivery 1991

Bus Specifications

Manufacture TMC
Model RTS (Narrow)
Propulsion Diesel
Length 40'
Width 96"
# of Seats 41
Dest. Signs Flip-dot


Service History

The 4900-series TMC RTS buses were similar in appearance to the 4400-series, but were 5-inches narrow. These narrower buses were needed for the now-defunct #16 Lake Street Route and replaced the 3700-series Flxible New Look buses.

When the #16 Lake Street Route was eliminated in 1996, the buses were then used for University of Chicago routes.

Unlike the 4400-series, the 4900-series were not accessible and did not undergo any rehab. For this reason, the buses were retired in 2005 and replaced with used Orion I buses from Pace, Chicago’s suburban bus system.