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Flxible Metro 'E'


CTA Service Information

Status Retired
Quantity 330
Numbers 6000-6329
Delivery 1995

Bus Specifications

Manufacture Flxible
Model Metro 'E'
Propulsion Diesel
Engine Detroit Diesel Series 50


Cummins C8.3


Transmission Allison V731


ZF 4HP590


Length 40'
Width 102"
Seat Model AMSECO Model 6468
# of Seats 45
Dest. Signs Flip-Dot (1995)

LED (2004)
Amenities Air Conditioning
ADA Accessible


Service History

In 1995, the CTA purchased what would be its last order of new high floor buses. A contract was awarded to Flixible Corporation for 330 “Metro” buses.

The buses are very similar to the 5300-series Flxible Metros purchased four years prior. The 6000-series features an additional 5 seats along with hopper windows, which allow for greater ventilation in the event of an air conditioning failure.

Starting in 2004, a portion of the 6000-series began to undergo a mid-life rehabilitation. In addition to mechanical improvements and a new coat of paint, the buses received LED destination signs which offer greater visibility and reliability compared to the flip-dot signs originally installed in the buses.

Retirement of some non-rehabbed 6000-series buses began in 2008. Heading into 2010, approximately 285 remained in service. Following service cutbacks on February 7, 2010, all remaining 6000-series buses were removed from service and stored at the now-defunct Archer Garage.

On July 2, 2010, six Flxibles were reactivated at 103rd Garage due to a fleet shortage: 6042, 6221, 6223, 6224, 6227, 6237