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New Flyer DE40LF


CTA Service Information

Status Retired
Quantity 10
Numbers 800-809
Delivery 2006

Bus Specifications

Manufacture New Flyer
Model DE40LF
Propulsion Hybrid
Engine Cummins ISL8.9L
Transmission Allison EP-40
Length 40'
Width 102"
Seat Model AMSECO InSight
# of Seats 39
Dest. Signs LED
Interior Customer Information Displays Single-Line LED
Amenities Air Conditioning
ADA Accessible


Service History

On November 8, 2004, the Chicago Transit Board approved the purchase of 20 model DE40LF diesel-electric hybrid buses from New Flyer of America, Inc. The order was split amongst two hybrid technologies: GM-Allison parallel hybrids (to be numbered the 800-series) and ISE-Siemens ThunderVolt series hybrids (to be numbered the 900-series).

With the exception of a roof-mounted battery pack, the buses are aesthetically identical to CTA’s 1000-series D40LF diesel buses.

The first GM-Allison parallel hybrid was put into service during December 2006, with delivery continuing in early 2007.