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Flyer D901A


CTA Service Information

Status Retired
Quantity 175
Numbers 9800-9974
Delivery 1983

Bus Specifications

Manufacture Flyer
Model D901A
Propulsion Diesel
Engine Detroit Diesel 6V92TA
Transmission Allison HT-740
Length 40'
Width 102"
Seat Model AMSECO Model 6468
# of Seats 45
Dest. Signs Roll Sign


Service History

In 1983, the CTA purchased a total of 200 buses from Flyer. This order was actually delivered in two series, the 9800-series (175 buses) and 1600-series (25 buses). While both had identical appearance, the 9800-series offered more seats than the 1600-series.

The 9800- and 1600-series, unlike previous bus purchases within the last decade, did not include air conditioning due to lack of funding.

The buses featured a slightly modified paint scheme. Unlike the prior scheme, which had consisted of both light and dark green colors, the 9800- and 1600-series scheme consisted of only light green at the lower portion of the bus with the rest in white. Eventually, the buses were repainted in the new white, blue, and red scheme.

The 9800- and 1600-series were retired in 2002, although some continue to be used today as work buses by CTA maintenance crews.