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New Flyer DE60LF


Garage Assignments

CTA Service Information

Status Active
Quantity 208
Numbers 4000-4207
Delivery 2008

Bus Specifications

Manufacture New Flyer
Model DE60LF
Propulsion Hybrid
Engine Cummins ISL8
Transmission Allison EP-50
Length 60'
Width 102"
Seat Model AMSECO InSight


4One Aries

4150-4154, 4156-4207

Kiel Ideo


# of Seats 58
Dest. Signs LED
Amenities Air Conditioning
ADA Accessible


Service History

On December 12, 2007, the Chicago Transit Board approved reassignment of a contract option originally belonging to Seattle’s King County Metro for the purchase of 150 articulated hybrid buses. Due to a lack of capital funds, the CTA chose to lease the buses at a cost of approximately $13.4 million per year.

Delivery of the buses began in October 2008, with the first bus going into revenue service on October 15, 2008.

On April 7, 2009, CTA President Richard Rodriguez announced that the agency would receive an additional 58 articulated hybrid buses from New Flyer. The $49 million purchase was made possible through federal stimulus dollars provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

The buses are powered by GM-Allison’s parallel hybrid drive system. During the CTA’s testing of two hybrid technologies, the 800-series GM-Allison parallel hybrids proved to be superior to the 900-series ISE-Siemens series hybrids.

The buses feature all the standard CTA amenities, including bike racks, passenger counting systems, GPS and EVDO technologies for voice annunciation and Bus Tracker, security cameras, LED interior lighting, and wheelchair ramps. The shell of the buses use the traditional New Flyer design, and not the newer “restyled” design.

Other notes: # of seats for buses 4150-4207 is 50.